Istanbul Airport To Taksim By Taxi
All Possible Ways Istanbul International Airport to Taksim – There are so many things to do in Istanbul ! I can really tell you dozens (hundreds if I exaggerate) of things to visit! Of course, Taksim comes first among them. Therefore, it is not surprising that you first go to Taksim from Istanbul Airport. Istanbul Airport To Taksim By Taxi Pixabay

The approximate cost of a Private taxi, based on a taximeter, is around €30. Bus to city centre services are operational and take between 60 and 90 minutes, depending on traffic.The cost is around €5.

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How much is a taxi from Istanbul Airport to Taksim?

How much is a taxi from Istanbul Airport to Taksim? – The ride from Istanbul Airport (IST) to the Taksim area in the city center costs approximately 17 €/16.90$ (310₺) and should last around 40 minutes. As Istanbul taxi fares are calculated via a taximeter, the final fee will, unfortunately, be subject to the traffic conditions which are usually congested.

How do I get from Istanbul Airport to Taksim?

Havaist Airport Shuttle – Istanbul Airport To Taksim By Taxi Havaist is a new airport shuttle service operating several bus lines between the new Istanbul airport and spots all over Istanbul. To reach Taksim, it’s really straightforward. You take the line HVIST-16: New Istanbul Airport – Taksim (which also stops at Nürtepe Viyadük and Piyalepaşa) and you get off at the last stop, in front of the Point Hotel, close to Taksim square.

From there you can either walk to your hotel, take a taxi or the metro. There used to be a line going to Sultanahmet. Unfortunately, due to lesser demand, this line has been canceled for the time being. Instead, you can take the HVIST-12: İstanbul Havalimanı – Beyazıt Meydan line to Beyazıt Meydan (last stop), and there switch to the T1 – Kabataş-Bağcılar tram in the direction of Eminönü or Kabataş until you reach Sultanahmet.

This is far from an ideal option because reaching the T1 platform and riding the often busy tram line with (a lot of) luggage is a challenge. Another option is of course a private shuttle (see below). The fare for the bus lines is 52 TL per person, one way, two pieces of luggage included.

How much is taxi from airport to Istanbul?

Transfer Options from Istanbul International Airport to Istanbul City Center (Sultanahmet) – The new Istanbul International Airport is connected to Istanbul city center via taxi and bus. In the future, Metro Line M11 will also run from the new aviation hub to Istanbul, but for the moment, you can only choose between a private transfer (taxi, car) or a shuttle service.

Briefly, an Istanbul airport taxi will comfortably transfer you to your accommodation in the city center in about 50 minutes, costing you 19.18€/19.10$ (350₺), while the ride with an airport bus will take approximately 100 minutes with a fare of 67₺ (3.67€/3.60$) depending on the chosen service line.

However, in both cases, the journey duration is unfortunately subject to the traffic levels,

Options Price (€) Price ($) Price (₺) Duration
Taxi 19.18 19.10 350 50 min
Bus 3.67 3.60 67 100 min

How long it takes from Istanbul Airport to Taksim?

How far is Taksim Square from Istanbul Airport? – The distance between Istanbul Airport (IST) and Taksim is 40 km. Thus, the ride with a car should take 35 minutes under normal traffic conditions while Havaist buses reach Taksim in about 90 minutes.

Is Uber OK in Istanbul?

As of 2022, there is Uber in Istanbul. Users can order an Uber from anywhere within the Istanbul city limit, even the airports. But it is worth noting that the Uber you call in Istanbul is going to be a regular yellow taxi on the street. While there is the convenience of being able to order transport directly through your phone, you might have to pay extra for your Uber. Istanbul Airport To Taksim By Taxi

Is taxi expensive in Istanbul?

Istanbul Taxi Fares – Istanbul taxis are cheap overall. They work on a meter. Hence, you won’t find any set prices for your transfer. Their starting fee is 9.8₺ (0.54€/0.50$), while they charge approximately 6.3₺ (0.35€/0.30$) per kilometer. Every 5 minutes of waiting time or waiting in line on the road, add 0.8₺ (0.04€/0.03$) to the total fare.

  • The minimum ride cost is 28₺ (1.53€ /1.50$).
  • Moreover, the tolls or tunnels fee burdens the passenger.
  • Nevertheless, you should always keep in mind that when crossing from the European side of Istanbul to the Asian one, you have to pay a toll, but for your way back (from the Asian to the European side), no toll fee is imposed.

On another note, night rates no longer exist in Istanbul. Therefore, you will pay the same amount of money no matter the time of day. Even so, you should always bear in mind that the heavy traffic levels of Istanbul affect the final price, and thus, you may end up paying a high fare if you travel during rush hours.

What is the cheapest transportation in Istanbul?

İstanbulkart – A plastic RFID chip card that you purchase, load money onto it, then use it to pay transit fares, the Istanbulkart is the cheapest and most convenient way to travel on public transit in Istanbul. More.

Is there a metro line from Istanbul Airport?

M11 (Istanbul Metro) – Wikipedia Transit line in the largest city of Turkey M11 Gayrettepe–Istanbul Airport–Halkalı Hasdal Station (Under Construction) OverviewStatus In Testing Phase Kağıthane – Kargo Terminali Under Construction Kağıthane – GayrettepeKargo Terminali – Halkalı OwnerLine numberM11Locale, TurkeyTermini

  • Gayrettepe
  • Halkalı

Stations16ServiceTypeSystemServices1Operator(s)Metro Istanbul A.Ş.Depot(s)ArnavutköyRolling stock176 HistoryPlanned openingQ4 2022 (Kağıthane – Istanbul Airport) April 2023 (Gayrettepe – Kağıthane) 2023 (Halkalı – Istanbul Airport)TechnicalLine length69 km (43 mi)Number of tracks2 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 + 1 ⁄ 2 in) 1,500 V DC Operating speed120 km/h (75 mph) Line M11, officially referred to as the M11 Gayrettepe–Istanbul Airport–Halkalı Metro Line (: Gayrettepe-İstanbul Havalimanı-Halkalı Metro Hattı ), is a line of the, currently under construction in,,

The — portion of the line is currently planned to open in Q4 2022. The purpose of this line is to provide direct and quick access from the in to, Istanbul’s main commercial center and to, one of the city’s most important train stations. Unlike other metro lines, the M11 will be a limited stop service, meaning that stations will be spaced further apart.

This is most noticeable towards the line’s southern ends, where the M11 will only have seven stations within Istanbul’s urban area: Halkalı, Tema Park, Olimpiyat, Kayaşehir and Fenertepe in the west and Gayrettepe and Kağıthane in the east. It will have two legs, one from Gayrettepe to Istanbul Airport line and the second from Halkalı to Istanbul Airport line.

  • The first leg of the rapid transit line will be 37.2 km (23.1 mi) long with nine stations.
  • The second leg of the line will be 31.5 km (19.6 mi) long with seven stations, in a total of 69 km (43 mi) with sixteen stations.
  • The travel time between the end stations will be 60 minutes at a maximum speed of 120 km/h (75 mph).

The line will run through five,,,, and, It is expected that the line will carry annually around 94 million passengers. The M11 line will connect to other rapid transit lines:,,,, (twice), and at the airport to the high-speed train line. The investment budget of the construction is € 999.8 million.

What taxi app is used in Istanbul?

8. iTaksi – Istanbul Airport To Taksim By Taxi iTaksi application is the official taxi app of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. With this application, you can easily find taxis. After installing the application, you can see the taxis closest to your spot and be connected with one. You can see details such as when the taxi will arrive and from which direction.

You can also see detailed information about the driver and call them if necessary, and they can call you to confirm your pick up location so you might prefer to buy a prepaid phone line to make things easier. The app will also show you the route the taxi will take. Although these types of applications are open to payment by credit card, we recommend paying in cash.

You can download iTaksi with iOS and Android,

Do you tip taxi drivers in Istanbul?

For Taxis – There is no tradition of tipping the taxi drivers in Turkey, but there is the tradition of rounding up the fare. This means if the fare is 38 TL, we hand 40 TL and the rest becomes the tip for the driver if we enjoyed the ride. If you don’t keep the change, they will try to change it because it is not mandatory.

Are Turkey taxis expensive?

Turkish cab fares one of cheapest in world – Türkiye News Istanbul Airport To Taksim By Taxi Turkey has one of the cheapest fares with 2.24 euros for a 5-kilometer ride, a research by taxi2airport showed.

Turkey ranked seventh in the top cheapest countries list.It is estimated that there are some 60,000 taxis in Turkey’s 81 provinces.In, a city with a population of over 15 million, some 18,000 taxis are on the roads, serving the city’s residents.

There were 1.2 taxis per 1,000 people in the country’s megacity in 2018. The corresponding ratios for New York and London were 4.3 taxis per 1,000 people and 12.4 taxis per 1,000, respectively. According to the taxi2airport research, across the globe, the country with the cheapest taxi is Egypt – a cost of just 0.84 euro, for a 5-km taxi fare.

Taxi2airport explains that it chose to focus on 5 km because, faced with a journey of this length, hailing a is often a necessity, especially if you have luggage or kids. “In fact, the base fee for taxi fare in Egypt is as low as 0.24 euro,” the research said. Egypt is followed closely by India (1.29 euro), Thailand (1.41 euro) and Indonesia (1.68 euro) in Southeast Asia.

“Meanwhile, in Malaysia (1.70 euro) and Mexico (1.80 euro) you can grab a 5-km cab ride for under 2 euros.” Turkey is followed by China (2.41 euro), South America’s Argentina (2.44 euro) and Vietnam, a cost of just 2.47 euro, for a 5-km taxi fare. At the other end of the spectrum, taxi fares for a 5-km journey are far more expensive in European countries such as Sweden (9.91 euro) and France (10 euros) “While in Britain, you can expect to pay 10.08 euros for the privilege of a 3-mile ride! In fact, the base fee for taxi fare in Britain is 2.96 euro– one of the highest fees recorded,” it said.

On the other side of the world, New Zealand is next with a fare that is marginally higher than that in Britain, at 10.53 euros. Followed swiftly by more European counties like Austria Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany,” it added. “However, the two most expensive countries to take a taxi are Japan – at a cost of 15.64 euros for just 5-km and Switzerland at an almighty 22.68 euros.

Maybe it’s best to pound the pavement if you are dreaming of faraway trips to either of these destinations.” : Turkish cab fares one of cheapest in world – Türkiye News

Do taxi drivers in Istanbul speak English?

Taxis in Istanbul – Taxis are metered and are fairly reasonably priced. As with anywhere in the world, however, the costs add up if using taxis regularly. Another drawback of the cabs is that the drivers generally don’t speak English. It’s best to write down the address in advance and show it to the driver.

Is 2 hours enough in Istanbul Airport?

How early should I be at the airport before my flight? You are required to be at the terminal at least 3 hours before your international flights and at least 2 hours before your domestic flights.

Is there Uber in Turkey?

Where In Turkey Is Uber Readily Available? – Istanbul Airport To Taksim By Taxi Uber is readily available in Istanbul, Bodrum, Marmaris and Cesme. However, in most areas outside of Istanbul, you might find it hard to hail a cab due to the unavailability of cars even though the app functions. You’ll also be also pleased to know that Uber is readily available for airport transfers.

Do taxi drivers turn the meter in in Istanbul?

By far the most convenient (but not always the quickest) way to get around in Istanbul is by taxi. They are plentiful, operate day and night, take up to four persons, are compared to the US or Europe fairly cheap, and they can be easily hailed on the street or found at taxi ranks.

Official taxi in Istanbul, Turkey. Official Taxis – Only take official taxis. They are bright yellow and have a sign on the roof with the word taksi on it. Furthermore, their taxi plate number (and sometimes company logo) should be clearly visible on the front doors and the roof. And most importantly, all official taxis have digital meters! No Meter, No Go – Always insist to switch on the meter! Some of the previously mentioned con-artists may come up with an excuse that the meter is broken or offer to drive for a flat fee. Accept neither, get out of the taxi and look for another one. Even if the taxi driver suddenly changes his mind. Also, if at any point during the ride the meter isn’t running, get out. If the driver protests, muttering the word polis may do wonders.

Find The Taxi Meter – Whereas in Europe or the US taxi meters are mounted in such a way that they are clearly visible for the passengers, in Istanbul they are more often than not well hidden behind the gearshift. This makes it virtually impossible to see it from the backseat. Locals use the reflection in the front door window to monitor it. Since you’re probably not experienced in reading mirror images, lean over to check the meter at the start of the ride and at certain intervals. This is not considered rude. On the contrary, you’ll gain the taxi driver’s respect for knowing the ropes.

An Istanbul taxi meter showing the daytime (gündüz) fare. Day & Night Rates – Upon entering the taxi, a flat or starting rate will appear. After that, the rate will increment every 400 meters. Check out the current cab rates and taxi fares between popular Istanbul tourist destinations here. When the taxi is not moving (at traffic lights or while being stuck in traffic), the fare should remain more or less the same! During the day, the word gündüz should appear onscreen at regular intervals. At night (between midnight and 6 am), the word gece will appear. Since the night-rate is 50% higher than the day-rate, make sure the gündüz rate is applied when appropriate! This too is a popular tourist scam. Bridge or Highway Toll – In case you take a taxi to cross either of the Bosphorus bridges or drive on the TEM highway, toll (not more than TL 4) has to be paid. The taxi driver will pay that for you, but will add this to the fare.

No Tipping – Unless the taxi driver helped you load and unload your luggage, he won’t expect a tip. If you’re happy with his performance, you can roundup the fare to the nearest convenient figure. Some taxi drivers may claim to be out of small money, hence try to make a few extra liras. Just stand your ground and make him go change the money somewhere if you feel he’s deceitful.

Say What? – Most taxi drivers speak very little to no English at all. Having said that, chances are that your knowledge of Turkish is similar to his English skills. It’s therefore not a bad idea to have the exact name and street of your destination written down on a piece of paper.

Seemingly Lost – Taxi drivers are not too streetwise. And in their defense, Istanbul is a giant city and expecting taxi drivers to know every single street by heart is unfair. It is therefore not unusual that taxi drivers are unfamiliar with the exact location of lesser known places. You may find him ask you, other drivers or pedestrians along the way. If you have a phone number on your destination, he’ll be glad to call them for precise directions.

Istanbul taxis may take alternative roads to avoid traffic jams. Unsafe Driving – Time is money. It’s a cliché, but it’s still very true for Istanbul’s taxi drivers. They may take alternative (and a tad longer and more expensive) roads when the main roads are congested. That’s perfectly fine and will benefit both parties. What they shouldn’t do though is race through the narrow streets. If at any time you feel unsafe, you tell the driver yavaş gidin (‘yavash gidin’ pronounced) or just daha yavaş lütfen, Both mean more or less the same and order him to slow down. If he doesn’t obey your wishes, just get out at the first occasion that arises.

Now don’t get me wrong! I’ve been using taxis in Istanbul for over four years now, and I can count the times I felt unsafe or was hustled on both hands. Taxis in Istanbul are a cheap, reliable and more comfortable than most of the public transportation available.

Are taxis safe from Istanbul Airport?

What Should We Be Aware Of When Getting A Taxi From Istanbul Airport? – It is not like hailing any taxis on the street, the airport has its own taxi station which means that they will be much more organized and trustworthy, What you need to be aware of is just the sign of the Airport Taxi Station which is generally placed on both sides of the car.

  • Having one company seems to be simple but this does not mean having one standard service.
  • There are different colors of taxis presenting different levels of comfort and capacity.
  • You should look for the one which matches your budget and expectation.
  • Yellow ones are the regulars, while the blue ones have better quality cars, lastly, the black minivans have more capacity and they are a little bit pricey for sure.

They have all meters and they run correctly. Still, having an idea about the probable cost is always welcome, not to face any problems. Istanbul Airport To Taksim By Taxi The amount which the meter shows is the amount related to the distance, however, there are some toll roads that you may encounter when running from a traffic jam. Furthermore, you should remember that the bridges to cross to the Asian Side also require payments which should be paid to the driver separate from the meter.

Do you tip in Turkey?

Restaurants. In inexpensive establishments, small tips (5% or so) are not necessary, but are appreciated. In luxury restaurants, tip 10% to 15%.

Do you need cash in Istanbul?

You will need cash during your stay in Istanbul, there is no way around it. Sure, credit cards are widely accepted in hotels, restaurants, bars and stores, but there are occasions that require cash money. So, do you bring cash along or do you withdraw it from an ATM? Do I bring Dollars, Euros or Turkish Liras? Where do I best exchange my money? Here’s my safe and practical Istanbul money strategy. Istanbul Airport To Taksim By Taxi ATMs in Istanbul. © Photo by FaceMePLS

Why is Taksim Square famous?

Demonstrations and incidents – The square used to be an important venue for political protests,

  • On February 16, 1969, some 150 leftist demonstrators were injured during clashes with right wing groups in what is known as ” Bloody Sunday “.
  • In the events known as the Taksim Square massacre, 36 left-wing demonstrators were killed by unidentified and allegedly right-wing gunmen on the square during the Labour Day demonstrations of May 1, 1977.
  • On 10 August 1982, Artin Penik, a Turkish Armenian, set himself on fire to protest the Esenboga airport attack by the Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia,
  • Taksim Square was the location of football riots in 2000 when two Leeds United fans were stabbed to death during clashes with Galatasaray fans, the night before the 1999-2000 UEFA Cup semi-final first leg match between the two teams.
  • On October 31, 2010, a suicide bomb went off next to a police bus. The bomber, a TAK militant, died, while 15 police officers and 17 civilians were injured.

A march to protest the Circassian genocide took place in May 2011.

Following many other violent incidents, all protests and demonstrations were banned and today police units maintain a round-the-clock presence to prevent any incidents. It is many years since either May Day or New Year’s Day events were permitted to take place in the square, with much of the surrounding area usually fenced off for the day and the Metro station often closed to prevent people gathering.

How much money should I bring to Istanbul?

High-end traveller: 5000 TRY / person / day – A generous budget of 276 USD per person per day (or 1932 USD/week) is more than enough for Istanbul. A boutique hotel costs around 2500 TRY/night (twin share), which leaves you with spending money of 2500 TRY/day: Use it for taxis, a fancy Turkish breakfast and other meals at higher-end or international restaurants, a private guided tour and fun experience such as a cooking class, a luxury hammam treatment, and a sunset cruise on the Bosphorus.

Is Istanbul very cheap?

1. Is Istanbul Expensive? – When compared to many major cities in the world and in Europe prices, Istanbul isn’t too expensive, It is expensive relative to the other destinations in EU such as Poland, Romania or Bulgaria. Istanbul was ranked 173rd over 206 cities in the world in the 2021 Mercer Cost of Living Survey (was 156th in 2020).

Do you tip taxi drivers in Istanbul?

For Taxis – There is no tradition of tipping the taxi drivers in Turkey, but there is the tradition of rounding up the fare. This means if the fare is 38 TL, we hand 40 TL and the rest becomes the tip for the driver if we enjoyed the ride. If you don’t keep the change, they will try to change it because it is not mandatory.

How much does airport transfer cost in Istanbul?

Do Istanbul airport taxi drivers accept credit cards? – Unfortunately, it’s extremely uncommon for Istanbul airport taxi drivers to accept credit cards. It’s advisable that you carry cash with you in the local currency to pay for your journey. If needed, there are ATMs in the arrivals hall at Istanbul airport.

What is the cheapest transportation in Istanbul?

İstanbulkart – A plastic RFID chip card that you purchase, load money onto it, then use it to pay transit fares, the Istanbulkart is the cheapest and most convenient way to travel on public transit in Istanbul. More.

Do taxi drivers in Istanbul speak English?

Taxis in Istanbul – Taxis are metered and are fairly reasonably priced. As with anywhere in the world, however, the costs add up if using taxis regularly. Another drawback of the cabs is that the drivers generally don’t speak English. It’s best to write down the address in advance and show it to the driver.